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Tealeaf is a robust & energetic team of tea growers, manufacturer and seller to end-users. We are team of more than 100 small tea farmers’ cooperative, one processing factory in Nepal and one online tea store run from USA. Our tea plantations are young and mature enough of just 20-25 years only, which could grow very good quality tealeaf for coming several decades.

Gardens elevations at 5600 ft. to 6000 ft. the soil very fertile and rich in minerals, air so pure and unpolluted and our organic standards have given a meaning to our passion of making premium specialty tea.

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This tea has greater quality antioxidants, which helps in purifying your body and mind preparing you
$ 25
This organic black tea is loved for its robust flavors, versatility and is excellent eye-opener
$ 18
Brewing green tea is considered rather complicated since steeping green tea for too long or in too
$ 2
This flavorful pearl green is the product of Matribhumi Tea Estate, Nepal and was processed by our a
$ 20
This organic black tea was hand-picked and expertly rolled from premium quality leaves and fresh,
$ 2.5
These teas are instantly recognizable because they are either bud-only or consist of lovely, long an
$ 2.5
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