Welcome to 2020. Another year with lot of excitements and opportunities. We are striving to deliver more award winning teas this year.

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Nirvana White

White Teas offer typically lighter, mellower flavors with hints of nuttiness. Some whites are made using only

$. 2.5
Kaalo Chiya

This organic black tea is loved for its robust flavors and versatility. This tea is excellent eye-opener, soot

$. 2
Everest Gold

Masterfully oxidized into an amber color flecked with golden buds with one twisted leaf, this black tea has an

$. 25
Morang Black

This organic black tea was hand-picked and expertly rolled from premium quality leaves and fresh, succulent bu

$. 20
Matribhumi Green

When you smell and drink Matribhumi Green, you will feel the smooth lingering mouthfeel that resonates the tea

$. 2
Rara Green

Brewing green tea is considered rather complicated since steeping green tea for too long or in too hot water w

$. 18